Camille Elvery

Listener. Observer. Storyteller.

I started this blog to create a space for my work to feel comfortable. A place that puts my cluttered mind at ease. Instead of suffocating ideas in my brain or having them collect dust in my notes app. I want them living and breathing with no limitations. To bring them together to tell a story. Maybe mine. More so a collection of short stories.

I call myself an artist by nature, as I need to create and be in creative spaces. So in the outside world I’ve assisted on tv/film sets and creative teams. And as founder of Envision Artist Company Inc I directed my first film “Stages of Love”, which I co-wrote and produced with an incredible team.

I love stories and I love writing, but getting started and staying consistent are my best flaws. Yes, I am very passionate and therefore driven, however I am human and do get writers block and such. So please bear with me. I do promise to post my stories when I am inspired to. And I hope to be inspired more and more each day.

-Yours truly,