Viva Hair

May 2013 was the last time I decided I would perm my hair, for my senior prom in high school. It’s now January 2019 and I’m what we call in this generation, natural. I was first inspired to go completely natural in high school by a friend of mine who rocked her natural hair all the time. Her hair looked so healthy and bouncy and beautiful and I knew if I took care of my hair properly it would look healthy and beautiful too. So I did my research and found inspiration on YouTube as every black girl who’s about to make a very monumentally life changing decision such as going permanently natural. It’s a true journey called a “natural hair journey”. It requires a lot of confidence and sacrifice and self love. And I’m very proud of myself for making that decision at such a young age, 17. I did the math and knew that I’d have the length I desired in 4 years, so I could rock my long natural hair for my college graduation. Ha! Boy was I wrong šŸ¤£. It all started when I found all these natural hair remedies on YouTube from this natural hair guru “Naptural85”. She gave me all the hope I needed to continue my journey.