I believe everything starts with a conversation. And the desire to have one.

What do I mean by that? I mean anything and everything. Every topic. Every reason. Every thought, plan and idea. It all starts with a simple conversation, and then the domino effect begins.

Why are you here? Why have you made this decision? What brought you here? Is this really what you should be doing? Are you doing what you love? What exactly are you doing? What are you doing wrong? What are you doing right? Are you doing something? Is there a purpose in what you’re doing? Is there a reason, is there a goal, is there desire? Is there passion? Do you even know what passion is? Do you have passion?

I may be getting away for myself here…

But I am convinced everything starts with an important conversation you have with yourself:

“Do I know I am worthy?”

Then everything, starting with your perspective changes.

And you begin to wonder:

“Maybe everything starts with a question.”

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