The Voiceless Creatures within us

Honestly the first time I saw this after I deciding this painting was complete, I thought to myself: “this looks alot like the place spongebob and patrick accidentally traveled to when they fell asleep on the bus.” I wanted to call this “Voiceless creatures beneath us” but as I started putting the pieces together on how I felt creating this piece I realized that these creatures I was afraid to admit were within me. And it shocks me, most times, the things that come out of me when I finally decide to create something. I definitely didn’t expect to paint this but sometimes whatever it is you just have to get it out. And I no longer want to be afraid of the darkness inside of me. I realize it will always be a part of me no matter the vast of goodness there is within me. They share the same space, making me exactly who I am and who I’m proud to be.

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