I see

For so long I’ve created this faux vision of my life and how I wanted to live it so I could escape my reality and make a whole new life for myself. I’ve been trying this for decades. Until after my twenty second revolution [around the sun] my entire faux world came crashing down and began imploding within me. My fog was lifting mentally and my vail that I had conjured to cover my eyes from the truths around me began to crumble. All that I had ever known to be true in mind but false behind the veil was creeping through and forcing me to let go. But I still held on anyways because it was all I had ever known, all I have ever had to keep me afloat for so many torrential revolutions. My entire life seemed to be made up of survival years and then it all started to flip upside down. My ancestral plane had had enough with me living so many lives and lies. And I was forced to face the truth about everything.

Another four revolutions of healing and truth seeking, I realized health and truth began seeking me too and by any means necessary. I became hyper aware of my energy and the energies around me, I feel was able to decipher them. I could see into my future through meditation and stillness. I could feel space and time. I was hearing and feeling my angels and ancestors much clearer and closer than before. I was aligning with my truths and leaving behind what no longer was right for me. While also allowing what is meant to be in alignment with my humbled planetary experience, I stopped fighting my true natures path.

I found love. And as it welcomes me back it protects me on multiple dimensions, even those unseen to the naked eye. It replenishes me in ways only felt conscious and unconsciously. It frees me and I feel free. So free it sometimes triggers me. All I’ve ever wanted was to be free. I never asked for this life to happen to me. Yet I’m grateful beyond belief to be experiencing such a beautiful cosmic universe as a vulnerable celestial being in a mid-temporary body. So here I am. Living the life I envisioned for myself, starting at the very beginning like a dream, patiently waiting to get to the parts I remember seeing.

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