In the face of love

If I had only known love where there was pain how could I know love without it? I have felt pain without love for most of my life, so how can I be expected to know it’s adversary. Living in constant painful fear without knowing unconditional love, how can I be expected to know when it is real. Will I just know, will it dawn on me, will it be overwhelmingly obvious and proud and unmistakable? What will I do in the face of love— Reject it? Welcome it? Fear it? Question it? Doubt it? Judge it? Accuse it’s legitimacy? What will be the simplest yet most honest of reactions in the face of pure and utter love?

A simple wave might be a good place to start. To greet it with kindness and purity of heart. With a smile, I express my utmost gratitude for its offering and allow it to remain in my life as a simple beacon of hope. While I develop the strength to receive its truth, I shall rewrite mine with only thoughts of you.

My true love. Thank you for smiling back and holding me close.

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