Your Path.


When I tried to force myself into one direction I realized how much I was limiting myself and evidently hurting myself and my journey, by preventing myself from growing into who I am meant to become. And learning lessons I could never appreciate from within my comfort zone.

As much as you would want to follow in someone’s footsteps, you have your own path laid out before you, meant for you to tread.”

I learned that when you try to create a single path for yourself by avoiding other paths, it initially leaves you stagnant. You MUST try in order to stumble, fall and fail. This is how we create momentum which initially molds our path. Then we  rise to our feet and begin stepping into our purpose. Do not forget it was YOUR back that rolled on the dirt. Therefore, you know the ground better than anyone, especially those who claimed to have “been down that road before”, they couldn’t have. It is one path per person  and only you can walk yours.

So why not conquer it?

Remember how the ground felt underneath your back, how it scraped your knees and broke your nail. Now feel it beneath your feet, squeeze it in your hand, between your toes and welcome it. Take in a deep breath of this new unfamiliar territory, and claim it. Pave the way with your unique rhythm made by your own footprints and failures and worry not when the path will end. For continuing your journey is what matters. So the next time you fall, and you will, allow yourself to feel the warmth from your soul within, and let it ignite your fire to thrive. Breathe in and allow the wind of the universe to blow the dirt off your shoulders. Dust yourself off. And with the strength to do it all again, slowly
breathe out
keep going.

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