Pathways to Love

My mother always taught me to worship God, to thank him in the morning, throughout the day and especially at night. But in our home she also taught me how to love the devil. That he means well and he loves me even when it hurts. It wasn’t until I became an adult when I refused to tolerate mistreatment and mistake it for love. Although I knew better, it didn’t mean I never tried to love every demon that lied their way into my heart. Thank God I was smart. For I also left every single devil where I found them before it was too late, and after realizing I would never attain real love from them. I never learned how to love properly— that’s why I’m so bad at it. Fear God, give glory to him, and condemn evil doing. But how do we love without sacrificing ourselves? There has to be a way. Which is why I’m still here, searching for one. A way to love and be loved unconditionally before my time ends. And in this human experience, I am now aware of the powerful energy I conduct throughout my mind body and soul. I have learned that as we evolve, we obtain access to multiple dimensions in which love travels further and heals even faster than time.

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