Interdimensional Reality

There was a time I would’ve chosen to be smarter than this. To trust myself over a man asking me to trust him. Doing it out of love which he advised me not to, but I did anyways. I pray to God I chose right. I pray that trusting your influence over my instincts makes me stronger willed next time. I pray this was the lesson and not something I can’t reverse. What happens when you want the things you’ve never wanted before, and it changes your entire brain chemistry and neurological pathways. My strong independent frequencies have been redesigned to now be interdependent, and its changing my entire DNA. I sometimes feel like I’m betraying my old self for wanting my life to be different. Even though my old self is dead, this reality I find myself living in, started out as just a pipe dream in my adolescence. For years I’ve been imagining the possibility of achieving a material dream I never knew was possible. And now that it’s been full filled what is left? Out of insecurity I never wanted to admit that living a life of pure love was my truest desire. This idea felt weak, embarrassing and unpowered. But loving you— illuminates me in ways I thought were unsalvageable. I never expected anyone to have such an effect on me. Your energy feels so pure it perplexes me with familiarity. And with every self reflected revelation, I feel all doubt, in my previously ill conditioned mind, dissipate like morning dew. As the sun rises to reveal all the beauty of life that has been waiting to be discovered— I feel reborn as a woman in love. We have become beacons for each other, maturing as timeless lovers and evolved partners wanting to live a life of compassion. I now coexist with this gravitational feeling of responsibility, as these new desires in this new dimension challenge all my independent training and preconceived ideas about life.

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