“Dimples” the Fake Happy Superhero

I know how to fake happy pretty well. If I smile with my teeth and suck in my cheeks I can show you these adorable holes in my face. They mask the holes in my heart. I can do it without my teeth too. I can twirl around, throw my hands up and exhale all my pain, and you’ll never even know how much remains. Life has been quite the act. If I don’t plan, primp, put pen to paper or play, I’ll always have a frown. Is all this really true? Ask yourself how well do you know you. I’ve known me since I was 3. Imagining a helicopter above me here to rescue and repurpose me into a new reality. A better one. Where everything is happy including me.

What misery to be missioned with fake happy at 3. But don’t worry I’ve gotten so good at it now it’s become my superpower, and happy is my disguise. I can push my feelings down really really far and pull out something called “the bright side”. It’s where I’ll do everything in my power make anything or anyone feel better for as long as possible, seemingly.

There’s just one rule, never ever let anyone see me without my disguise. Or else, things will never be the same. I should know it happened once, and now my power relies on prescription. Who knew doctors could make pills smell like cake. I guess somehow they knew I have a very important job to keep the party going. The show must go on.

And on and on.

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