Love is many things

Love is both an act and desire to protect others from pain. Its wanting to spread joy and show comfort, it’s a choice after experiencing hardship in relationships. It’s present on a playground, at first sight and felt at first touch, a consensual, and finally unguarded one. Love is the greatest weapon against evil thoughts and energies. Every breath we take is an act of love, maybe even mercy. For me it’s surrender. Love is omnipresent even if we can’t see or feel it. In my darkest hours love has always made its way to me, to remind me I’m not alone. And in doing so love surrounds me, embraces me and renews if vow to protect me. I believe in love and that it’s here to guide our paths, replenish our hearts and nourish our souls. We only need to let it in, a little at a time. As much as we possibly can.

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