Viva La Stories


Why is it that
I can hear the ticking of the clock
From across the room?
When the clock is its own entity of time
I shouldn’t be able to hear its business.
Why is it that it’s duty affects me so?
Why does it spin in a circle?
To make me dizzy?
Under its compulsion
I’m driven insane.
By time that ticks
In sync
With drops
Of rain.

Saying “yes”.


Saying “yes” is terrifying, because that means I’ve made a decision.

And making a decision is like signing a contract in black ink with a quail pen like in the 1800’s.

At least that’s what it feels like in my complicated brain/world/mind. <- see what I mean? There was no easy way of explaining that.

But I’ve said yes to creating this blog because I have so many ideas, poems and stories in my brain clawing it’s way out into the real world.

And I’ve decided to put them here because I believe they deserve to exist.

So welcome, and I hope life allows you to come back to visit my imagination. 😌